Events Calendar & Winter LEAGUE

Winter League


1. CUSTOM LEAGUE:  Get 10 or more of your friends together and pick a night to play.
2. 3-MAN TEAM FORMAT: Start dates and run times (6-8 weeks/ league) Discounted sim rates.  Cash buy-in for prizes.
3. SUNDAY SCRAMBLE: 2-man teams. All day long. Discounted sim rates. A cash buy-in for prizes.  Teams can decide to play on any given Sunday.  Runs all season long every Sunday.
4. SCRATCH OR HANDICAPPED TOURNAMENT: 4-round stroke play (December through March)

–  Round 1 to be played by December 31st
–  Round 2 to be played by January 31st
 –  Round 3 to be played by February 28th
–  Round 4 to be played by March 31st


Flexible schedule. Discounted sim rates. One-time cash buy-in for prizes.


(Contact Our Employees To Sign Up)

Indoor Golf Naperville & Aurora
Indoor Golf Naperville & Aurora
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