Aurora and Naperville Indoor Golf

During late October and early Spring, you can’t play outdoor golf in Naperville or Aurora due to our seasons. The cold weather and a tiny white ball in the snow are not a good idea. The rise in multiple technologies has made indoor golf at Smash Factor affordable year-round. Not being able to go out and swing a club for 6-months can also significantly raise your handicap. That’s why indoor golf simulators have been so popular for the past few years.

Many golfers now use an indoor golf simulator for their off-season. You can improve your game and mental focus by working on your swing, distance, and accuracy. Making little adjustments in the winter will also help jump-start your golf game come Spring.

Did you know many PGA Tour pros take a portable simulator to stay fresh while on tour? Simulators can help with more than just yardages and accuracy because the possibilities are endless.

PGA Tour pros benefit by receiving instant feedback on their shots to improve their game. Similarly, with amateurs, you accept the same feedback to improve your game. There are several benefits to using indoor golf simulators, especially when the weather does not want to cooperate.

Indoor golf simulators measure and track the number of statistics. They also have hundreds of golf courses programmed into memory so that you can play a round of golf. You can even play on famous golf courses such as St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines, Augusta National, etc.

Here at Smash Factor Indoor Golf, we believe our bay technology is a superior choice, especially when you play a round of golf with your friends or family.

Smash Factor’s golf stats are out of this world which will help improve your game. It is also great for indoor league or competitive play. Indoor golf simulators have different golf courses to play in various weather conditions or fun “imaginary” driving ranges. The indoor golf simulator resolves this issue of climate and slow golf since it is always 72 degrees and sunny.

Our golf simulators have the latest doppler radar technology. Now, what precisely does this mean? A sensor signals when the ball leaves the sensor after impact. This doppler radar technology tracks information such as club head speed, “smash factor,” yardage, launch angle, and spin rates, and these are only a few. This information can give you immediate feedback to the golfer. Focusing on one part of your golf game is crucial. If you focus on ten different swing thoughts at once, it can be over welling. That is why it’s essential to take your time and focus on one thing at first.

Golf is a sport that is individualized for each player—focusing on someone else’s swing is not how to improve your game. The fastest way is to enable the film option so that you can review your golf swing for good shots and bad.

Encouraging your friends to start playing golf can be intimidating, especially if you take them to an 18-hole golf course for the first time. An indoor golf simulator can lessen anxiety and make it more enjoyable.

Learning the basics of your golf swing can be intimidating at first. Many new golfers can get impatient and want to quit because golf is challenging. Using an indoor golf simulator can simplify your game. Rather than being on a range, where you can see how your ball takes off from the clubface, golfers can feel if the contact off their clubface is good or bad. Sometimes, good communication may end up left or right of your target. Indoor golf simulators do an excellent job of imitating those same trajectories, lines of flight, and much more through the doppler radar technology.

There are a few benefits to cost when it comes to an indoor golf simulator. For starters, most of the time, golfers must pay for a bucket of range balls. With an indoor golf simulator, you only pay for your time slot. You can also split the cost for any additional golfer. Another positive fact is that there are no cart fees with the simulators. You stay in one spot and can play a full round of golf with no cart fee.

Like a cart fee, green fees can also add up fast. Rather than paying a fee for four to five hours of golf, golfers can designate a specific time slot in which they would like to use the machine.

Here at Smash Factor Indoor Golf, we believe having the latest technology and large open layout is a great time and will help improve your game when the golf session is back.

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